Our institute has successfully signed an agreement on internship and employment base with Chenzhou X

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In order to promote the graduates to integrate into the social work as soon as possible and clarify the employment goal, the school of language and literature of Nanhua University and Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd.  have reached an internship and employment cooperation. On November 29, Chen Bin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college, Ma Hanqin, vice president, Du Baizhi, an employment specialist, signed an employment base agreement and an internship base agreement with Li Wenping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd. and Tan zesong, Minister of human resources department.
XIANG NAN JUTE &SISAL PRODUCTS  LTD.is a joint-stock company which involves production, processing and import and export business. Representatives of the college visited the company's  

production workshop to further understand the scale of the company's platform, so that graduates can better practice. After the on-the-spot visits, the two sides obtained deeper exchanges. Chen Bin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college, signed the employment base agreement with the company, and Ma Hanqin, vice president, signed the agreement on the practice base. Chen Bin is very optimistic about the development prospects of both sides, "the signing of the internship base and employment base is a win-win situation for the cooperation between the two sides. On the one hand, it can provide a secure platform for school graduates to exercise their working ability, shorten the inspection period and clarify the direction of students' employment. On the other hand, enterprises can absorb a large number of excellent talents, save training costs and accelerate production development.

It is a common concern of graduates to participate in the graduation practice, make clear the direction of employment and quickly enter the society. The signing of the agreement of practice base and employment base provides a secure and promising way for graduates' practice and employment to a certain extent.

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