Chen Pingnan, general manager of Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd.

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Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd. gives full play to its own characteristics and advantages and takes the road of differentiated product development. I believe that only by building the brand of jute environmental protection products and constantly improving the quality of products, can the core competitiveness of enterprises be enhanced.

Through unremitting efforts, Xiangnan hemp industry has successively developed 38 New Jute Textile products such as "oil-free bags", which are now selling well in the market. Last year, the sales revenue of these innovative Jute Textile products accounted for 32.6% of the company's total output value, which played an important role in opening up the domestic demand market for enterprises. The prospect of Jute Textile industry lies in the practice of endogenous power and innovative development concept. Whether the transformation can be completed smoothly is the key to the future development of enterprises.

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